B1A4 at KMF 2014 (Fan account)

Posted on: May 9, 2014


I was lucky enough to find a pool ticket for KMF 2014 after I found out that B1A4 was going to perform. It was even at the first row!! I was really thankful!!

Watching them perform “What’s Happening?”, “Lonely” and “Baby I’m Sorry” felt so surreal. I kept singing along & chanting during the songs but couldn’t believe they were actually right in front of me! I feel sorry for those talking fan cams around me coz I’m sure they will hear me in their video. Hahaha!

B1A4 made their introductions after “What’s Happening?” and said a few sentences in English. I don’t remember much of it. Jinyoung spoke in Korean but I didn’t really understand it. I took a video and I’m going to try and get it translated.

At the beginning of “Lonely” when they’re picking up their neckties from the floor, Jinyoung’s necktie was in a knot and he struggled to remove it. He was able to fix it before his first line to sing.

I made sure to watch CNU’s body rolls at the beginning of “Lonely” because that’s one of my favorite parts. He’s so sexy!

CNU signaled to the fan beside me & the fan threw a Houston Rockets cap to the stage. He picked it up and wore it!! Lucky fan!

At the beginning of “Baby I’m Sorry,” Gongchan & Sandeul made an “LA” sign with their arms! It was so cute. I took a photo but there was no light on them.

During “Baby I’m Sorry”, I didn’t get to see them much because they were at the extended stage. I tried to go next to the ramp connecting the main stage and extended stage but did not see much. I know they were dancing & having lots of fun.

For the encore, they were standing right in front of me. I help up my fansign and Jinyoung and CNU saw it. They both waved at me and CNU gave me a thumbs up!! I couldn’t believe it!

When the boys started walking to the extended stage, I ran to it & was so thankful they went to my side. I was able to touch all of their hands as they walked by. It was Gongchan, CNU, Sandeul and Jinyoung. I think Baro was still in the middle. Jinyoung stopped in front of me but a little to the left. At one point of the song, Jinyoung turned to us fans who were behind him. I was waving my hand to say hi and he reached out and held my hand for a second. It felt longer than that! His hand was so soft! I was so happy! Then Baro came and stood in front of us, like his butt was in front of me!! I think Baro has a nicer butt than Jinyoung. Hahaha! Baro turned to us and made faces at us while singing. All of the boys were so happy!! They took alot of gifts from the fans. They also took some polaroid pictures with the fans.

After the concert
We went to the back of the venue to see the artists leave. We saw their buses parked at the other side of the parking lot. After a few minutes, I suddenly see B1A4 going out of the doors and walking to the buses. I saw Jinyoung & CNU immediately and said “Bye!” and waved to them. Both of them looked my way and said “Bye!” and waved. I saw them walk past me and didn’t see where Gongchan & Baro was but Sandeul was walking last. I walked right behind Sandeul and said “Bye” but he didn’t say anything. I just watched them get on the bus. They sat in the front and were just looking at the fans. The security guards were telling us to move back away from the bus. 2AM got on the bus too. After a couple of minutes, we left the venue.

It was a very memorable experience and I am so thankful that I got to watch them. They looked really happy and grateful to be given the chance to perform in LA. I am really hoping for a solo B1A4 concert in LA soon.

I will try to upload pics from the concert soon.


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