KCon announces venue and concert info!

Posted on: June 24, 2013

On the 7th week of the KCon Live Chat, it was announced that the venue for KCon 2013 will be at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, also known as the LA Sports Arena. It is in the downtown Los Angeles area and less than three (3) miles away from the Staples Center. The live chat’s host, Hoon, also announced that the concert will be held inside the arena, while the convention will happen outside.

Another big announcement was that the music show MCountdown will be coming to KCON 2013. However, there were no details released in terms of the exact line-up. It was said in a previous live chat that the line-up will be released in mid-July.

To get the full scoop, watch the recording of KCON Live Chat No. 7 on YouTube —

Tune in to KCON’s weekly Live Chat every Thursday, 5:30pm PST. Keep tweeting #KCONFEEDBACK to give your thoughts on this year’s biggest KPOP Convention in the US. KCON 2013 will be held on Aug. 24-25.

Pictures and Area map of LA Sports Arena:

LA Sports Arena - Inside CR LA Times

LA Sports Arena - Google maps

LA Sports Arena - Area MapCR: LA Times, Google maps & Google Image Search


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